Write for the Blog

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If you are eager to let other men in on the little formal wear and men’s fashion secrets you have learned, this blog will provide you with a ready-made platform to express yourself. Since creating and maintaining a blog of your own can be a task you are not willing to undertake, writing for Protocol for Men may just fit the bill.

What it Takes to Write for the Blog

Featured image Write for the Blog What it Takes to Write for the Blog - Write for the Blog

Protocol for Men tries to appeal to all-male audiences because the blog was created to help every one of them to improve the way they look. Although it is required to write in a friendly matter that everybody can understand, it is also important to stay on topic and be coherent with the blog’s target.

You aren’t required to use any fancy devices or user interfaces, because what matters is the quality of the information you want to share. If you have your own experiences and you want to talk about them, it is perfectly ok as long as you keep it fit for any man reading your post.

How to Submit an Application

Featured image Write for the Blog How to Submit an Application - Write for the Blog

If you are motivated to write for Protocol for Men and have what it takes to do it, you can submit your application to the email posted on the blog’s Stay in Touch Page. In that email, you should start by introducing yourself and exposing the reasons why you wish to write for the blog.

Although it isn’t mandatory, you can always include a preview of the ideas you have for writing posts for the blog. If you feel like it, you can also include a little sample of anything you have written.

When the applications are received, all these things are evaluated, as they provide a good way to determine if your posts can be added to the blog.

After being accepted for writing for the blog, you will receive an email specifying the requirements your posts should fulfil. Since everybody can use a little bit of help sharpening their skills, you will receive some guides explaining how to structure the posts. Start writing for the blog today, it is easy and fun and will give you a good idea of how appreciated your knowledge and tips can be.