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If you are looking for the perfect blog to advertise your business and products, you will find that Protocol for Men is the right choice. This blog has become one of the most respected sites men come to for advice on looking sharp.

For businesses wishing to promote their services and products aimed at men, this blog represents a great opportunity, as all our posts are targeted towards men. If you want to get a spot on our advertising spaces, the process is simple and quite affordable, which results in saving money on publicity for you.

How to Start Advertising Here

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If you think this is the right place for you to advertise, you just have to send an email to the address posted on the blog’s Stay in Touch page.

The email should include a small introduction to what your business is all about because this will be used to determine where on the page we should display your advertisement.

In the answer to your initial email, you will receive a form to fill out with the specific requirements you have in mind regarding your advertisement. Although there are some limits in terms of size and location, you will find that you can choose between a few alternatives offered here.

The Rates and Conditions

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Protocol for Men offers different packages of pricing and has certain conditions that have to be met before your advertisement is published on the blog. If you are seeking to appeal to a female audience, then this blog is not the right place for you and you will receive an honest answer about it.

The rate will always depend on the type of advertisement you wish to post on the blog, as the charge is determined by size and frequency. If you only wish to advertise for a short period, Protocol for Men can accommodate your needs.

For small businesses starting in the industry of formal men´s wear, we have special discounts.

Take that first step to start advertising here and you will see the results in your increased earnings and exposure of broader targets. Take advantage of Protocol for Men’s advertising spots today.