About Me and my Blog

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My name is Luke Gilbert and I grew up in Ireland where I was always considered to be the ugly duckling among friends and family. Although I wasn’t the sharpest looking kid in town, I managed to excel in life through hard work and determination.

But I always felt like I was missing something, and that is where my path to transformation started.

My Transformation

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I knew the jokes about my appearance were always lighthearted, but I got tired of being subject to those comments and decided to do something about it.

I went to a friend and asked for advice about how to change the way I look for the better since he was an admired and respected middle-aged man who kindly suggested I sharpen my looks.

Since I knew nothing about looking sharp at any rate, I started browsing the web for good advice to start my transformation. Eventually, I made it to men’s suit shops with a handful of tips on hand.

If I had any doubts that I could pull it off, the first look at myself in the mirror wearing a full suit changed my mind.

Protocol for Men is Born

Featured image About Me and my Blog Protocol for Men is Born - About Me and my Blog

That day I exited the store with a few suits and the firm conviction that I should help other men achieve the transformation I underwent.

I sat down on my computer with all the information that helped me and started building Protocol for Men one post at a time. Nowadays I help thousands of men that come to my blog for advice on how to look better.